VINAY ENTERPRISESstarted way back in 1992 under the guidance of Mr. Harish Chauhan ( An electrical Engineer) as the authorised sole selling agent for F.B.R. BRUCIATORI s.r-i Italy. Though Mr. Chauhan is in the same business since 1988.

F.B.R. has been a leading company in the domestic and industrial heating field for more than 25 years and has a name synonymous with quality, safety and energy saving as wll as full respect ecological factors F.B.R has a full range of burners operating with a number of fuels such as light oil, heavy oil, gas natural, L.P.G. Town gas, Bio Gas) Duel fuel gas/light oil and gas/heavy oil at output between 12000 an 9000000 kacl/hr. Every F.B.R. burner ensures service and spares backup.

We carry huge stock of F.B.R. burners and their spares. We are a Team of Experiences Engineers and undertake the job on turnkey basis for service erection fo thermopack/boiler and commissioning of burner.

Our Burners can be installed in all heat generators and boiler, furnaces, chemical industries, textile units, larege/small industries, dairies, bakeries etc. Can be profit by investing in a F.B.R. burner F.B.R also produce special rigid fully automatic burner for melting furnaces application.